Looking for 3D artist: texturing/animations/exporting to X format...

Im a programmer and Im looking for volunteer Modeler to help me finish my freeware game.
I already made one small free 3D game (http://www.mystic-peanut.com/templates/turtle.php), now I want to make sequel, bigger and better. I have level editor that makes it easy to create levels, but I need lot of 3d props and it takes time. Im not much of a 3D artist, so I download free models and then try to adopt them for the game.

I have lots of issues with normals/materials/lighting/exporting/animations so I really could use a versatile artist skilled with making models for game engines.

Here is thread about the project:

Here is game designe spec document:

here is my site:


This place looks deprived of volunteer 3d modelers. Or Im seriously misformulating my request. If there are 3D modelers lurking around for interesting free projects, I would like to know what they would like to see, what would make them interested in the project (beside money obviously).

I’ve been using Blender now and then for years, but I really should get more practice modelling, so I’ll volunteer to do a few models for you. If I like it, maybe more than a few. Message me I guess?

I too am very interested in working, i can do hard surfacing modelling and i have done some characters as well. Please contact me, i’m very interested!