Looking for 3D artists and animators - Game (Unity 3D)

My name is Tomas Mariancik (aka Frooxius) and I’m working on an unique sci-fi story driven environmental puzzle action game - SightLine, which uses gaze direction and lack of object permanence as core mechanics - anything you’re not observing can change.


Official website | Facebook Page

SightLine started as a prototype developed in a 3 week VR jam (held by Oculus and IndieCade) where it achieved 3rd place out of hundreds of entries. Not only does the game have the support of Oculus for us to make Sightline into a full game, but was also named as one of ‘ten games that will make you want an Oculus Rift’, in IGN article by Craig Pearson.

I am looking for more talented and enthusiastic people who would like to participate in development of this title (for a share of the profit, experience and of course credit :slight_smile: ). Big things are planned for the game, but to make it truly come to life I need more dedicated team members to join me. I am also launching an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to help gain some short term funds, giving us the starting push needed to get the game into full development.


Specifically I’m looking for:

  • 3D artists with at least some of the following skills:

  • Modelling technical objects and environments

  • Modelling organic objects (people, aliens)

  • Texturing

  • Model rigging

  • Writing shaders

  • Experience with making assets for use with Unity 3D

  • Animators

  • Lip sync

  • Custom biped and alien animations


If you would like to work on this ground breaking VR experience (regular screen will be supported as well though!), please send me an email at [email protected] or PM, showing me some example work you have done, why you want to join the SightLine team and any questions you may have.

Thanks for your time!

  • Tomas “Frooxius” Mariancik

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