Looking for 3D builder to assist with a sim design in secondlife


I am working on a theme for a sim I own in Secondlife and am looking for a 3D builder who could assist me with a few buildings. There’s a handful of buildings I am interested in that would be at least somewhat interactive (as in them having an interior layout). Also am looking for what we call a sim around which is an off sim build that surrounds the sim giving the appearance it is in the middle of a larger city. These would be dummy buildings with only textures. Basically just shells which would be at least 2 rows of buildings deep for a decent 3D effect. 3 rows would be great. Some people know how to knock buildings far off sim. I unfortunately do not.

Experience in secondlife would be helpful though not required as I see much higher quality work outside of secondlife than in it. I am willing to pay on a per building basis or by time. Whichever works best. As second life is an open MMO i am not looking for full perm items as final products.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

I’ve sent you a private message. Thanks for the opportunity!

Sent you a PM.
Thank you!


PM sent.

Sent you a private message, thank you

I have sent a PM, Thank you

Thank you for the interest. Found my builder for now. Will post again when we get further along in the project.


Thank you for your interest. I’ve found a builder and will reopen thread as additional work is needed.

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