Looking for 3D Environmental Artist. [Game Project] [Revenue Share]

We are looking for a decent 3d artist to help our game project.
Your tasks will be 3d modeling and level design in the Unity3D Engine.
You wont need any Unity experience, since its very easy to use.
There will be tools I made (i am the programmer) and most likely store-assets to reduce your work-load.

About the Game:
Its a fast paced, violent and pretty gory first person action rpg game.
It has dismemberment, ragdoll physics, spells, a procedural skill tree, decision making, unique boss fights and enemies and more features.

We will focus on creating a fun game, not a lengthy one.
So the game may only last around 4 hours but we will make those 4 hours a great experience.

We already worked on this game for quite a while but our 3d modeler / level designer quit the team which leaves an opportunity for anyone who wants to work on a fun game and hopefully earn money with it once its done.

I can guarantee 20-30% of revenue share if we are successfull (on steam).
For quick contact, add me on Discord: Ekincan#2002
We can have a chat and I can go more in depth with the project, before you decide to join in.

An image, of the inventory UI.

A level our previous level designer made, using a unity store asset.

A guy, after I cut off his leg.

New character model which will replace the one you saw above in the near future.


I’m a 3D looking for experience and will volunteer. Here is a site showing some of my work. If interested in my help please refer to the “Contact me” section at the bottom of that page.

I’m interested in helping with your game.

Here is a link to some of my posted work,

Please, message me if your interested.

Most of the images in your profile seem like 2d drawings.
This is a 3d artist job.

Private messaging you my full portfolio complete with all my 3D work. I have a skillsets in both.

I am def not the best out there but would love to talk about it!