Looking for 3D modeler for 3D printable robot mask

Found a modeler. Thank you for all the interests!

I have had much success finding skilled modelers on here with over 6 completed 3D printed projects.
I am now looking for a skilled modeler who can model a robot mask. I will need it to be modeled then cut to fit my print bed and to be able to print it successfully.

Character is name is Cayde 6 from the video game Destiny.

Here is some reference photos of the mask. It will only cover half my face as the hood covers the back

I apologize that the reference images are extremely clear or orthographic, I can try find more references.
Im looking to quotes right now and hope to start this project in a couple weeks.

Please message me if interested.

Thank you

I have already created 6 masks to be produced on CNC machines and 4 for 3D printing. You can see my Fiverr profile here link .

If you want me to make the mask for you I can make it.