Looking for 3D Modeler for a Visual Pinball Table's Playfield Toys (Futagohime)

I’m involved in a Collaborative Project that hopes to make a Visual Pinball X Machine based off of a rather obscure series called Fushigiboshi no Futagohime, or just Futagohime for short.

The basic Playfield Designs are already done, but sadly the project has come to a standstill without anyone to help out with 3D Models to use for in the Table. Here is a list of 3D Models that are needed for the Futagohime Table:
-A Bed (small enough for a normal steel ball bearing to get in)
-Crystal Fortulet
-Feather Mulegram
-Heads of the two Chancellor’s Henchmen (not the whole body, just the head and maybe the neck)

3D Models made in Blender can be converted into OBJ Files which can then be put on the Pinball Table.

Anyone who is interested or wants to know more will get a direct message from me, as well as an invitation to the Discord group where the Pinball Table is being worked on.

i know how to model budt im not so skilled in texturing :slight_smile: