Looking for 3d modeler for my indie video game

Hi, I am a new guy here.
I am a indie game developer playing around with Unity3D.
And I make some blender stuff to make my game prototype looks plausible.
But it’s far behind good.
If any of you want to help me out of the art part, I would be very appreciated.
The art include concept art, model, texture and animation, I appreciate any help for the parts.

About the game, it’s a cartoon style game with wizard combating with magic in a field.
Part of the portfolio of my work is here
It’s really shabby. The project I want help is this
Download a Unity web player, you will be able to play around with it for a bit.

I am not able to pay you for now, but I think it’s a possibly good way to gain experience.
Or if this project goes well then the gain will be distributed evenly.
If you got any questions or want to help me out, shoot a email to [email protected]

By the way, I am serious about the development, so I want you be serious too.
Don’t waste your time to communicate with me if you are not going to spend time to work on it.
So there are minimal requirements

  • you have learned some character modeling or environment modelling before.
  • Got to prepare for a minimal 10 hrs contribution in a month for the project.

Thanks for reading!

Hello, i am a 3DS Max modeller (well i mastered sketchup, and am learning max)
i dont really know much about your game, could you perhaps give me an idea on what you wish to achieve?

this is a post of my latest work: