Looking for 3D Modeler

Our team is looking for a volunteer 3D modeler who can create an enemy model for our Unity survival-horror game for free. The game is for a class project but we will be posting it online, so we will put you in the credits!

Time is a big theme in our game so we are looking for an enemy model that has time incorporated into it somehow. Some ideas we have for the enemy is a humanoid with a clock for a head, or a humanoid creature with clocks embedded in it. Inspiration or references for what we are looking for include Siren Head and Slenderman and this image (not our image, credit to Mudcat336 on deviantart):

Please note the enemy can’t be gory, we are looking for something creepy instead. Also, the enemy doesn’t need to be animated/have the ability to be animated if that makes a difference. The player won’t see it move, so a static 3D model is all we need.

The deadline for the 3d model would be November 27th, 2020.

If you’re interested in the style of the game or would like to play what we have so far, please check out our blog post: https://teamspor.itch.io/temporal-terror

To Apply

Send an email to [email protected] with your portfolio or previous work.

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