Looking for 3d modelers for a new planned project (sculptures)

I am looking for 3d modelers that want to work on a greater project where you can buy colored 3d models in a shop so you will get revenue per sold item.

The shop sells physical sculptures printed from the 3d models so it would be great if you have knowledge with these workflows and especially with sculpting

A greater project planned and also paid (per hour + revenue)
So currently I am already looking for possible team members.

Looking for Blender artwork.
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Well, do you have experience with fantasy characters?

Not the type of fantasy I though of. I think about fantasy styles like in rpgs like skyrim, the witcher, dragon age … thats the setting we would need

Can you show some image for me to try out

they are very detailed like http://www.sideshowtoy.com/?page_id=4489&sku=80231

So… how much do you pay for a modeler making a dragon for you if it doesn’t end up selling in your store? The models you referenced are by Blizzard. You can guarantee the artists were being paid over $40 per hour.

Like already said in the first post, they will be paid per hour + revenue per sold item. Well it is a team project so they should all work together and so we need a modeler working for a longer time in the team.

We should start small and I dont await modelers with years of experience working on this small project costing too much (like you said eg 40 per hour). It is not meant for professional modelers with years of experience which are looking for a paid job. We have not yet the money for such expensive people but good, talented people working on the project and helping building the project. Later when we see that there is much revenue / income from the sells, well then we can say we pay even more.

Work out your plan, including starting rates. At the moment you say your needs are for fantasy models like the Blizzard ones (your provided link) and you’ve questioned one offer with the “Well, do you have experience with fantasy characters?” line. Now, it turns out you “dont await modelers with years of experience working on this small project costing too much (like you said eg 40 per hour)”. You’re asking for the best of both worlds.

$40 an hour is not the top job in 3D modeling. It’s the 2011 average going rate for employing a modeler.

2011-Wage-Survey_Locked.pdf (25.6 KB)

We want to start small, also we have enough time for the first models. We can also take 3d modelers with less experience, thats no problem. But dont expect that we can pay so much at the beginning.

Sure okay. What model would you like? I’m fairly busy from time to time so under the current conditions I can’t promise any deadlines for you, though I could do with some bumping up of my portfolio. How about, you tell me what model you would like, I give it a go, and if it doesn’t turn out to be mutually worthwhile then I get to use it for my own ends as opposed to signing it over?

Is it just modelers you are after? I’m quite keen on rigging & animation.

If you can say an average hourly rate which is guaranteed (the ammount isnt as important just that its guaranteed money) then I will join your team, and you can ask anyone on here I know how to model :slight_smile: my only downfall is that I cant rig, I can create the models, texture them and make them look fantastic but they will still need rigging.

We need just modelers because the 3d models are printed and then airbrushed by some airbrush artists.

Will prepare and calculate these days some rates and amounts what we could pay and what models we need …

Ok brilliant, well if you want to send me an email when you have decided on the models and pricing etc then I will be happy to join your team, just entitle it something related to this thread so I dont mistake it for spam.

[email protected]

Sure, I will let you know if there is something new relating this project.

Do the models need to be fantasy or a certain style?
Then perhaps provide some details with the demands / guidelines?

From the first post you not learn that it is physical sculptures instead of 3D models.
Perhaps you can alter the first post to make note of this (to emphasize that it is about 3D printed models and not .blend files)

Well the physical sculptures are exported and printed directly from the 3d models. But we still use blender.

Hm, is anyone here experienced in airbrushing sculptures? Or also some partners who want to join and manage this project too?