Looking for 3D modeller with experience on vehicles

Hello. I am looking for a experience modeller with experience on car models. I have a WIP mid poly car model, and want to make some changes in it, as the exterior is mostly done already. At first, I intend to use this car model for racing games mods. For reference, the car model is a recreation of “Reverb” from Hot Wheels Acceleracers. Here’s a pic for reference:

These changes would basically be:

  • Some structures on the exterior of the car
  • Headlights
  • Wheel rims

At first, budged would be around 40$~60$ (or more depending), and there’s no specific deadline (I’m not exactly in a hurry with this). I will provide useful references to how I want the car to look like, pictures and other blend files. Feel free to message me if you’re interested.


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