Looking for 3D Realistic Anime Modelers, Talented Animators, and A VFX Artist

Hi My Name is Daniel,

I’m Searching for People willing to help me make a short 3D Anime film, We have a Script and Voice Audio so you can experiment with your animation process. Modelers Can Try to create a Similar look for the realism to our Characters. (See The Image Bellow).

Dragon Quest: Your Story

This Project is an Homage to classic anime animation in authentic 3D, 2D Blender Animators are also welcomed to this project. We’ll be Doing Special VFX Similar to Dragon Quest Movie.
We are trying to recreate the estique of this unique and mysterious upcoming Japanese cgi style.

I’m an Individual Filmmaker, Or an Indie Animator for short, this project is sort of a passion project for me.

If You are interested in this ambitious short project contact me at this email [email protected]

This is for any Anime Enthusiast Out there, Any Skill is welcomed along with multi talents.

There is No deadline, See Feel as flexible and Comfortable as possible.

Our Budget is $1000

Animators: Get Paid $100 For 1 Minute of 3D animation
3D Modelers: $200
VFX Artist: $150

Thank You for Reading this, I hope you enjoy this Project.


Hi Daniel,

Do you have any concept art or any kind of animatic to show the story?

And also what would be the profile of the people involved? For example, are you an accomplished Blender user? Will you render and light this yourself? Do you have any samples of your work or the work of anyone associated to this project?

I think information like this is key to getting people on board with a dream project. I think there should be some kind of guarantee it will get finished (you have done it before) and it will look great (samples of your rendering or artwork).

One last thing that would also be helpful is to show some kind of sampling of the audio you have. Not the whole thing. But at least a sampling of the audio quality and acting.

Just my 2Cents.

Hi @DannyAnimationWorks

I can help


Hello @Daniel
Email sent. Kindly check it.


Hi my name kai,

Im writing a manga and would love to have a showcase with life size anime figures in Tokyo. I’m looking for someone who could take my drawings of the prominent characters and make me a 3-d model of the characters so I can have them manufactured precisely to my liking. I’ve been looking and would to love to find someone asap who can truly help me.

Appreciate much!


Myself Ashley, I have sent an email with our work portfolio details. Please go throw it and let me know.

Awaiting your positive reply.

Thanks & Regards,
Ashley Hannes

Hello. Here is link to my short film trailer

I have sent to you password to watch full film by mail

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