Looking for 3D Sculptors / Modelers for Sci-Fi Miniatures Game

I am looking for 3D sculptors/modelers to work on creating sculpts to be used for a 32mm scifi miniatures game. I am always willing to accept those that want to volunteer for the project for free, looking for experience and references to add to their portfolio. I am also looking for someone who will work for a deferred payment. The initial prototypes/masters will be 3D printed, which we will use to create either resin or pewter miniatures.

Example of Concept Art
Example of Green Sculpts

I would like to be able to create some sample pieces for game testing and demoing within 1-3 months if possible. Since we are working on a couple other projects, we haven’t slated this one to be ready for full launch until November 2015.

Type: 32mm miniatures skirmish board game
Genre: Sci-Fi

We are a small family owned and operating startup. I’ve been working with the gaming industry on and off for 10 years for both video games as well as board games. I’ve been working with various gaming companies doing demos, organized play, conventions from GenCon, PAX, Origins, etc.

I am looking to create and work with a group of individuals to not only expand our own network of assets but also provide new opportunities for others. Since I highly value the skill of those that work with me, you will always be recognized for your work, credited in the projects and have the ability to use any work in demo/portfolios. At some point in the future I’d like to be able to offer more (profit share, 3d printing assets, etc) but since this is new, I can’t at this time offer more. I will always be fair and treat everyone on the team well and with respect. As long as we are up front in our communications I believe we can make a good working relationship.

Thank you,
Jack Sweek

so your lookin for someone to model characters for a board game right?
and do these models have to be to scale?

Yes they would be for a miniatures game and they would have to be to scale.

Yes these would be for a board game and they would have to be to scale.

sounds like fun.
if you would like i could model a character and see what you think about it but, i’m working on two scenes right now all ready done two the past two weeks.
type in midnightcpu in the search and you can see some of my work