Looking for 5-10 rigged Models

Hi people,

im lookin for anybody who can create for me 5-10 rigged models.

Which Style ?

here you have more pics from the artists page : http://www.tyanim.com/tyanim-personnages.html
If you can do that and your interested please write me a mail to:
[email protected]


Just mailed you.



With rigged model i mean a completly finished character…(disney like)
Creating with clothes (like the girl with the red cap), texturing, completly rigged (body and facerig)
and a finished lightbox for that model… so ready for the photoshooting with the model

example fot facerig:

so you’re looking for a CG generalist to help you - well, that excludes me. I’m terrible at texturing.
Best of luck though.