Looking for a 2004 Pig model

You have the strangest requests, my friend :laughing: I’m not sure why this pig is special, but I’ll do some looking

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History of the artform – not much older than twenty years, but we’re losing some of the earlier stuff. This is the same site that had the Utrecht University Kitten, but that’s not available there now either (got it a few months ago, couldn’t get the pig then, decided to come back later, today found everything but the siteframe down).

A couple years ago I was looking into the origin of Suzanne, that teapot that keeps popping up, and a bunny model that I’d seen in a few places, and I came across an article on Wikipedia, List of common 3D test models. I had fun with the ones I could download (and load!) but some that people were working with routinely years ago I couldn’t find download links for – worrying. Every once in a while I try to find an older model – when I can’t maybe I ask about it here.

Ah, come on… A pig (a.k.a. Sus scrofa domesticus) must be the easiest and least complex of all four-legged animals on Earth to model. Work on your skills and model a pig. Hell, it’ll be fun.

could you give me the rest of that url- everything after view.jsp?


The whole url is:


Appreciate you giving it a go!

I’ve looked at ~30 different websites trying to find it elsewhere. The Wayback machine has a couple of the models… but not the pig:

It MIGHT be somewhere in https://github.com/tneumann/cmm/tree/master/meshes, but I didn’t see anything labelled “Pig”. (They do, however, seem to have the Stanford Armadillo we were talking about a while ago.)

EDIT: Check here, I searched for “pig” but got no results. https://www.rhinoreverse.icapp.ch/english/gallery.html

This is old too.


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Forgive me for being the bearing of bad news :confused:
They have the pig, but you can’t download it.

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It’s not one of the iconic models on the list, or that keep popping up in college presentations. But if there aren’t any download links up anymore I’m hoping somebody around here who’s been doing 3D stuff for a while has their copy and is willing to share it.

Thanks for trying!

And I’m an idiot – when I found this a few months ago I attempted to download it, but all my attempts failed . . . so I thought. But it turns out I got it! My apologies, people (especially @josephhansen ).

Since the meshes (two versions, look identical to me but they’re different filesizes) are in .off format (which Blender can’t import) I’ve used an online converter to get them into .ply format (which it can). Also made a pdf of its [email protected] page from the Google cache, now included in the zipfile. Not that it’s a particularly good mesh by today’s standards, but if anybody’s interested I’ve now got it up on my Dropbox here.

That works too :slight_smile: I gotta say, it’s probably a good thing you’re making a repository of old 3D scans/models of legitimate historical interest. I’m not really qualified for nostalgia, being 20 and only having 6 months of Blender experience, but if you’d like to turn this into a larger archival project, I’d love to help! Sounds interesting.

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I’m more just puttering around – that list caught my interest, then I noticed a few more older models that keep getting used to demo stuff. But yeah, a place to download the things on it that aren’t in constant daily use (the teapot, Suzanne) or already have a stable repository (Stanford) would be good. For example, I haven’t found a download of the Wooden Elk Toy that’s on it, nor any useful mention of anyone having a copy of it.

elk.off.obj (1.1 MB)
That one wasn’t actually too hard to find :slight_smile: Here’s the OBJ file.

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WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT!?!?! I mean, thanks, very much so, but I looked everywhere I could think of. :astonished: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Finally decided to make myself a copy, but I’m very happy to have the original, thanks oodles!

I told you I could help :wink: I have a talent for hunting down obscure things and making weird connections, I guess… I once wanted to be a strategic specialist for the FBI before I realized they don’t make any money. I still like that kind of thing though (and I am a Strategic Communication student, so it fits :laughing:) Either way, happy to help! Feel free to let me know if I can find anything else!

Unfortunately with this Pig I can’t help you, but for consolation I post you a song about modern pigs, the modern politicians in Italy.
the song is “La Poltrona” (the armchair.):joy:
from the musical group: “Il parto delle nuvole pesanti.” (The birth of heavy clouds.)

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don’t have a link but got an old file
did it look like this ?

happy bl

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Thanks guys, but the pig has been found! There’s a download link in that post if you’re interested, and I’ve edited the top post to say (since this sub-forum doesn’t have solved checkboxes). Appreciate it!

@josephhansen, you still haven’t said where you found the elk toy. If you can I’d like to know – thx!

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It was actually in the Github link I attached a couple replies back

Are you sure? That link looks like a forum upload:


But searching github was more helpful (my previous google searches turned up a lot about elk hunting – add “3D” and you get 3D targets for practicing elk hunting) – was this where you found it?


Ah, you posted that link in an earlier post about the pig – got it, thanks, sorry to be dense.