Looking for a 2D concept artist for a short film

Hey guys,

so currently I am working with my team on a short film project and we are looking for a 2D concept artist, who helps us visualize some ideas and concepts, we are not sure what they will look like in the final movie.

Since two years I’m working with Blender (especially VFX) and I always wanted to work on a bigger project to improve my skills. Finally, I was able to create a team to work on this project. Our team consists of 6 core people (all in between 19-21 years old) and some volunteers. We are not professionells, but we are able to compensate this issue with our motivation. :slight_smile: At the moment we are working on the script and it will probably be finished next month. In order to catch our vision of this movie, we need a 2D concept artist, who visualizes some ideas and concepts. Particularly we need around 4-5 concept arts.

To give you some ideas about what the movie will look like, here are some information. The movie will be around 20-30 minutes long (we are currently not sure, because the script is permantly changing). The main genre of the movie will be fantasy with a bit of mystery and some action/adventure. Of course, if we find a 2D concept artist, we will provide more information about the story.

If you have any questions or if you are interested to be our 2D concept artist, feel free to pn me. :smiley: