Looking for a 3D animator and/or rigger with great chops to work with a very special

As of this point, the team is in the development stages and we are looking for a great animator to be the missing link in a very cool project. The 2D artist is Nidy-2D. He is the man behind -Lightning Bolt- the top Google search for Mecha Girl. The 3D modeling artist is the talented Daniel Kreuter. Daniel has a blender 3D modeling youtube channel with over 20,000 subscribers.As for myself, Emilio De La Cruz, I have a masters degree in Digital Media. I have published 3 apps non of which have been a particular success but have been milestones in my game development career. I have also worked as an app developer for a top 500 fortune company.

So far, we have agreed to work together to produce a 3D model to be used for a vinyl figure. We are looking for a talented animator who might see the benefit and the potential of working on a high profile intellectual property. We are looking to make a sideview fighter game for -Lightning Bolt- a la Smash Bro’s. None of us are receiving payment for the production of the figurine or the game. It is only our desire to see -Lightning Bolt- come alive from the 2D-still that is driving us forward.

We will likely have a model ready sometime in August, and it will be very encouraging to have you ready to take it to the next level. If everyone is happy with the direction everything is going, we will then likely enter production, with more characters on the way.
If any money comes in after the game is published, we will be glad to share it with you.

If this interests you, please send me a link to your demo-reel or animation portfolio. Also, please specify your rigging experience.

Thank you!