Looking for a 3D artist to collaborate on a music video. London, UK. PAID.


I’m looking for a fellow animator to collaborate with on a music video with a budget of £2000.

I need to model a 3D city scene, and animate some generic and cliche action scenes. Punch ups. Kung Fu. Someone jumping off a skyscraper and grabbing onto a helicopter. Think John Woo, Hard Boiled etc etc…

So the skills required:

3D modelling

Character rigging and animating

UV mapping

Compositing and rendering

…Basically a really good all rounder!

The video needs to be delivered by the end of June. I’m based in London, so ideally I’d like to work with someone here in the UK.

Its a lot of work, but the project will be loads of fun, and it’d be a collaborative project, so a chance to get creative.

I’ve been using Blender for a few years, I’m an intermediate, not an expert, so I’m really looking forward to working with someone and sharing our skills.

im curious. how long is the video and are you aiming for realism or stylizing it :slight_smile:

Hi Edmund,

I’m a freelance filmmaker who regularly produces content and videos for major artists using blender alongside other tools and I’d be interested in hearing more about what you need and how the project will work. I’m no longer in London but still based in the UK and work regularly with London clients. You can see my work here http://specialanimationsauce.com/ - be sure to check out the work on this page as it has a city produced using blender animated to music.




This project certainly sounds interesting! I’m not based in London, but I’m always available through Skype, Slack, and Discord. I mean, always available. I’ll send you a PM.