Looking for a 3D Artist to create a few models for a PreVis (short film)

Hey guys,

As the extensive title of this topic already implies we are looking for a 3D Artist who help us create a few models for the previsualization of our short film. :slight_smile: Maybe you ask yourself why we would need help for something like this and the sad answer is that fate has decided to throw a few rocks into our way.

Originally it was planned that two members (me and another 3D Artist) of our team should create the PreVis for the film, but unfortunately, we were both prevented. In my case, my professors decided to put two exams a month ahead. So currently I am busy learning for them and the time I can spend in creating the PreVis has dropped rapidly. The second 3D Artist became seriously ill and won’t return soon enough to help us with the PreVis. The problem is that we can’t delay the PreVis because have to finish it until the middle of February to show them to our investors and that’s why we need someone to help us out.

If you are interested in helping us out, your job would be to create the 4 main characters of the short film. We will provide you with concept arts as well as a model sheet for each character and your assignment would be to model, texture and rig them. Or in other words: they should be animation ready, when we receive the blend file. Of course, due to the fact that the sole purpose of these models is that they will be used in the PreVis they don’t have to be very complex. They just need basic textures, a basic rig (for basic movements) etc.

There are just two things that are very important. First, the reason why we are looking for someone in the first place is that we want to gain some time. That means that you should work effectively so that you, for example, don’t need a week for one model. Second, you should catch the feel of the concept arts as much as possible but don’t worry we will provide you with all details you need for each character.

Finally, the last thing that is left is the payment and I think the best way to handle this is to discuss the payment after we provide you with all details. In addition, we can also consider to extend this job so that you can model more than just the characters if our collaboration works out fine (but that’s important later).

If you have any questions or if you are interested to be our 3D Artist, feel free to pn me and if you have some references to show your skills it’s even better. :smiley:



I’ve sent you a PM, check it out

PM Was sent!
Thank you.