Looking for a 3D Artist

Wish I would’ve known about this earlier, but better late than never I guess.

I need a 3D artist to assist me in making characters as I do not make good models at all (very inexperienced blender artists here) but I am learning animation and wanted to make a series. I just need some assistance with procuring a model or two just to get me started animating more than just a block or a robot walking.

I will do my best to keep up with notifications here, but I am mainly on discord. You can @ me there if you have any questions and so that I can provide better details of what I am looking for. I will get to you when I can which should be soon so don’t think I will leave you on read for weeks without a reply.

Discord: Grim_Grim#6706 (or 7606. I always get a little confused on that)

There are a lot of simple characters models out there… i remember an animation tutorial using some free monk model from blendswap ( don’t find the URL now)… so i guess you can practice with something like this and even modify to your own needs. Also a lot of tutorials about character modeling and animation for free and paid.

And especially when you…

…you may simply go for it ??

Finally you have to build up the model the way you want anyway on your own or has to buy or pay for some indivdual design.

You may have to elaborate this to get a more suited answer.