Looking for a 3D Artist.

Ok as the title tells you I`m looking for a 3D artist for my 3D mmorpg.This is a non paying job Im sorry.You will get to be a game admin or what ever you ask for.
If you would like the job or more INFO e-mail me at ------>[email protected]com

I need more information than 2 sentences…

yea, you really need to give more detail

Only if I get unlimited ability to mod the game to the point that you can turn it into quake (Imagine a Quake-like MMO)…

AND, in addition, I want 500,000 Belgium chocolate bars.

Please read this: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=87660

LMAO… That’s like the worst ‘Work for me for free’ post in quite a while.

PlantPerson: Nice link there

Know what would make this post even more lame? Is if it wasn’t an open source MMO.

Don’t take none the comments to heart buddy - everyone starts somewhere - and I am sure that you have something that will go far.

Most artists are already 3D, it is really difficult to lift your brush off of the paper if you are only 2D. :slight_smile:

But if I were only 3D, then I wouldn’t be able to move :p.

Well, you could move in the aspect of XYZ coordinates, but you might have a problem with time. Hmmm, how could you learn then? :eek:

I’m game as long as I get to wear a tootoo that makes me invulnerable and a bra that lets me shoot lasers at enemies from my nips. I also want a fairy princess wand that I can use to scratch my ass. I’m dead serious too email me at [email protected] it’s email chat so whichever. Anyways I will need some details for the models though. Oh and I hope this isn’t just some shit i used to pull uuh I am making the best mmorpg ever you can be game admins if you help and then they ask you for concept art and you decide too much work and never contact them again. Oh I also want the ability to mute people ban people, make people dance and to teleport them to the home city place without their compliance.

How much you guys want to bet that this will get locked?

I will bet a buck-two-eighty seven.
Wait wait wait, I get it it, this is the game…
The graphics could use some help though…