Looking for a 3D character and environment modeler for game project

Good day,

I have started working on a game, and I am looking for 3D artists who would like to join me in this endevour. I am a software engineer by profession, so writing the code is what I am good with; but 3D modeling, not so much :).

The game is a cyberpunk-style detective game. It is to be quite a short game, to keep the scope limited. Very much like the game “The Silent Age”, but in (minimal) 3D.

Here is the beginnings of the game dynamics that I have started:


(The player character, the detective, is the elongated cube that is walking around. I told you, I am not good with modeling. :)).

Who knows, if we can make this game really well, we could put it on Steam as an indie title, and of course all money we make will be shared across team members, but officially, until that happens, this is not a paid job. But it could very well become that if we create something fun to play.

If you are interested, please get in touch!


private message sent

pm me please