Looking for a 3d designer for a video game project. May be quite lucrative. *Updated*

Title says it all. I am the organizer of the project, and also the writer of the storyline. I have attained the support of a programmer with 20+ years experience. He has an OpenCL engine in development, and, in short, it has the ability to graphically outperform any existing engine to date, and the optimization to create games that can run on reasonable specs. Project has quite a bit of money-making potential. If funds are needed for the project, Kickstarter will be used, so there is no potential for loss. 5+ years of experience preferred, as I assume it requires a bit of experience to create models and maps that can really show the quality of the engine. Leave your Skype or PM it to me if you’re interested, I can provide more details that way.

Edit: Sorry, but this is the most detail I can provide on the subject. I can assure you we are dedicated and I am checking back constantly.

Double Edit: OpenCL: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenCL

Nvidia Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1sN1ELJfNo

Triple Edit: As I cannot find a way to artfully insert the fact into the OP, I’ll just say it. Games created on this engine will be able to utilize up to 64 CPU cores.

No, OpenCL.

Example of use by Nvidia:

Is the engine attempting real-time OpenCL raytracing/rendering?

Sorry, just got home.
Yes, along with photon mapping. He has told me that a game produced on this engine with photon mapped lighting could run on reasonable specs, not requiring the massive simulation machines you see these days.

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