Looking for a 3D human model

Hello, I am looking for a 3D model look like:

With approximately the same amount of vertices and meshes but I would like to be created in Blender instead of another program. The reason is , I would like to animate and rigg it and I have read that there is a possibility having incompatibility problems in some functions if the 3D model isn’t created in Blender.

Thank you in advance

Go to tutorialsforblender3d.com, click on models, scroll down and near the bottom are human (male and female) models.

Google “Make Human”

@baaag: I saw that model and I think it has a small amount of vertices (1074). I would like to rig him in order to create the facial expressions, lips moving-syncing and hand gestures…Do you think the amount of vertices and triangles is enough ?

@atom: As I have read, the “make human” open source project requires a lot of time and effort to create a descent human model and I don’t have that. I think it will be very complex to create a similar 3D model from scratch like the one I posted at the beginning

You can also search www.turbosquid.com.

In the search price range set min and max to $0.0 and it will show you all the free models on the site.

If it takes you a lot of effort to create a human with makehuman, then you’re doing something very, very wrong.

Indeed, Makehuman allows you to generate a human (male or female) model tailored to your needs in only a few minutes.

At turbosquid I have searched for human models and the link I posted is the most suitable for my case.
I have not worked with make human yet, I have just read some things about that program. I will give it a shot through makehuman. Thank you all.