Looking for a 3d model.

I’m sorry to disturb, but I want to send this following SOS message to everybody in the forum, but I don’t know how to mahe it happen. Could you give me information about how I can do it. Thank you very much.

"Hi to everybody. I am sorry to bother you, but I’d much like to find the 3d model (obj-fbx) of the Pietà. Would anyone who want to give me some suggestions about how to make it happen, it could be FINE. As I have to complete a special work about Italian Renaissence, I need this 3d model. I take into account to pay for it!! Obviously I need to know the cost of the object before. Thank you very much to anyboby who is reading the message.
Gesuenato from Brescia.

why dont you contact this guy and make him an offer?