Looking for a 3D modeler to help produce complex physics models

I am looking for a qualified 3D modeler to help render some complex physics problems. Compensation is negotiable, but interest in working with complex quantum theories is a must. I am more interested in accuracy and craftsmanship, what you will be modeling is highly complex and attention to detail will be key in representing the theories.

If your interested, please email your CV/resume to [email protected], please include a link(s) to samples of your work. If you do not have them posted, I can provide an FTP site to upload to. Please DO NOT email large samples of your work.

Cheers and happy modeling!

NOTE: Our gmail name TheQuantumWorld is in no relationship to The Quantum World Corporation or its domain TheQuantumWorld.com. I am a quantum theorist that just lucked out with this gmail name :eyebrowlift:

To the Forum Moderator: If this is not an acceptable post or posted in the wrong area I apologize, please direct me to where you allow solicitations. If you do not allow them I will cease posting immediately.