looking for a backup program

I want something like Windows Easy Transfer (I heard it wasn’t reliable) 'cept FOSS if possible for the move from XP-7 and for future backups possibly too. 7-Zip doesn’t work because you can select multiple files in different dirs and t won’t convert things to the right dirs in 7.

Why not get Syn Toy 2.0 from Microsoft? You can clone your current directories and backups are just click away every time.

I realized now what I want isn’t really a backup prog but a transfer prog. The only reason I don’t won’t to use WET is because I have heard people double checking thee file was there and when they moved to 7 it wouldn’t extract. I would use sync toy if it was able to do some of what WET does by moving things to the new dirs.

I am upgrading an XP machine to 7 so I can’t just use a cable.