Looking for a Blender Artist to Create a Game Character

I am looking for a Blender artist who would be able to create a rigged model of a cartoon style tiger that I am planning on using in a series of mobile games. I have just started to take a look at Blender, but considering that I have no real experience in the tool and am also a developer rather than a graphics artist I would prefer to find someone skilled to assist with this character. I would like the character to be loosely based in style upon this tiger

I would need the character to be fully rigged so that I could generate animations for games as the need arises.

If interested please let me know your rates and availability.


Here is a quick sketch of him standing upright. I left out the stripes and some other details, just to keep it quick and simple.

This thread should probably be moved to WIP. Or you could consider opening a forum for professional help/offers. :slight_smile: -Sorry Fweeb, couldn’t resist.


Hi MtnTiger,
I was just wondering, does 3dementia have you covered? Otherwise I would like to do this for you. I’m quite available, and I’m willing to negotiate pay.

Yes, this request is now closed. 3dementia has agreed to work on this for me.

Hey, no problem. Wish I had seen this sooner though. :slight_smile:

A’nW, I sent you a PM. And yes, I have already started on this. I opened a new thread in WIP: blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?251224