Looking for a blender artist to create a model of a vehicle's body

Hello, I have very little understanding of blender or what goes into making a model so please excuse if I misuse terminology or if something doesn’t make sense.

I am looking for someone to create a simple model of a 2021 Chevy Colorado

The model only needs to be of the truck’s body and a very basic copy of the interior. No wheels or any part of the frame included. The model can’t exceed 3,000 vertices, can’t be over 80kb compressed (332kb uncompressed), and needs to be exported as a .obj. The model doesn’t need any textures and instead of coloring, separate each of the different colored areas into groups.

If anyone has any questions or needs me to clarify anything please let me know.

Groups like; windows, coloured body parts, seats, etc

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still looking?

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