Looking for a Blender artist to import Sketch Up files to Blender 3D


I am looking for a Blender artist to import Sketch Up files to Blender 3D for texturing of a photorealistic architectural rendering. Also need custom modeling for several props, Buddhist statues and furniture.

The resulting files will be used in the making of a 2 minutes promotional video for a Buddhist temple for urns placement. The building is still being constructed and we need to make this video for pre-sales.

The client has provided detailed Sketchup project files from the architect. All objects would need to be re-organized in Blender and assigned custom textures. We can provide some of the photos of the real stones and marble textures used in construction. Add would need to be added to create a photorealistic overall look. We can render the animation here in our studio. We plan to shoot real people on greenscreen to be added to the blender 3D background.

Apart from the different indoor spaces of the 5 floors building, we would need to recreate the outside of the building as well. Basically, we aim to create a promo video that showcases the different spaces, looks authentic and serves to incorporate live people in action to create that realistic look.

See below a sample of the renderings from Sktchup.

This is a low budget but paid gig (client is a local funeral house). Need the artists to start immediately.

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hi! i’m Agus,
I’m sure I can help you,

maybe you should check my last 3D works: www.dribbble.com/AgustinCristofano

keep me in mind to work together on your ideas!


We would be interested in this work.



Hi there, i’d love to help if you still need it done.


Hello KimW!
My name is Pablo and I am a 2D and 3D modeler and animator.

My portfolio: https://pablodefou84.tumblr.com/

im looking forward work with you

Hello! i’m Agus, a professional 3D artist.

maybe you should check my last 3D works https://www.artstation.com/acgustincristofano

keep me in mind to work together on your ideas!

best regards

Hi There,

I have PMed regarding this. Please check it out.

Rocky Dash

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