Looking for a Blender buddy?

I know this isn’t Omegle, but…

I’m looking for someone to talk about blender/exchange pics, models, ideas/ maybe even make some sort of private competitions! ;D

I’m 16, and I’d like to meet someone with similar skills… or whoever who simply thought about the same thing… :slight_smile:


If someone has lower skills than you, teach them. If someone has better skills than you, learn from them. I don’t give a damn about your current skills. That’s not how I define a person because that can be changed easily. My interest lies in projects and, eventually, more financial freedom to really move things. So I have no idea if I’m a match for you. I can just say that I’m interested in projects. And finishing them. Which can mean a lot of boring work and a totally not boring result.

What’s your goals?


I don’t know, or care about, what you current skillset is, if you are better then I hope to learn from you, if you aren’t at the same level as me I hope I can teach you something, either way I like the idea and I am all up for exchanging renders or jff competitionsSo yeah, if you care I volunteer :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that is what blenderartiists is use for…
Competition between user in other hand seem like a interesting idea, maybe.

Most people, myself included learn better in a team environment. Unfortunately I am a bit too busy to get back into blender at the moment. I’d advise you to hook onto something like facebook, or maybe join a games group and make some neat friends there. Blenderartists is after all one big family, and as with any family you have the assorted characters that just make it one.

All the best!

I’m really looking for someone to go over the fundamental of blender with me and create them into animations.
Still having major problems rigging a character. My dream is to create old school Starcraft brood war animations

watch my 200 videos in Blender

If someone has lower skills than you, teach them. If someone has better skills than you.

You’re probably right, but I just don’t think it works in, sort of extremes, where let’s say one person would be working for Pixar, and the other would be doing Minecraft animations… (nothing against Minecraft animations)
Don’t wanna say that I mind Learning/teaching someone Blender, not at all, I just think when people have similar skills, they have a lot more in common, and a lot more to talk about…

It completely depends on the standards and the mindset of both people involved. Team a bright kid who, instead of dabbling, pursues the goal to reach professional skill with a professional who has sparetime and likes to mentor someone, it might work out well.

A good mentor can see a big tree where a seed is planted.