Looking for a Blender expert to create a realistic ocean

Dear Blender Community!

My name is Steve and I am the founder of a new gaming studio looking to create an MMO game based on a sci-fi naval warfare environment.

We have AAA Modellers and a Developer who used to work on big games. However, we are trying to create a realistic 3D ocean that will have 5 settings ranging from calm seas to stormy seas with a background operating over a 24 hour clock.

We are looking for someone to join the team and help create a visually stunning game on the Blender engine. The ocean realism we are looking for needs to be of at least the following quality:

If you are interested in working on a large scale MMO and to create a blender game with AAA talent, then please contact me on Skype (steve.konka) or by email steve.wishart[@]konkastudios[dot]com. I will try and keep an eye on replies here in this forum, but the above methods will be the optimal ways to contact me.

It would improve chances if you have already worked on an ocean in Blender before, but this is not essential. The job may be an ongoing project and there is a lot to do, so if you have experience with python and/or game development, that would be preferred. If you also have a great eye for sculpting 3D models and animation, then there will be a lot of paid work available. For construction of a realistic ocean that is of the same quality in the video, I am happy to pay $250 over paypal.

Please let me know of any portfolio or videos of your work to help gain an idea of your skillsets.

Kindest regards,


If the $250 is not an agreeable amount but you would be interested in doing the ocean, please could you send your rates and a portfolio link to me in a PM. I would rather discuss a payment instead of seeing exceptional artists turned away. The fee can be negotiated for the right price and the right person.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Steve, I think the problem is the high expectations. That video goes through creating a realistic ocean in a photo-realistic rendering engine (cycles) which takes 20 minutes to render on great GPUs. You’re looking to do the same 30 or 60 times per second. On top of that, the Blender Game engine is quite limited.

Your requirements could be fulfilled by a graphic designer working with a shader programmer on a much higher quality game engine for a few thousand dollars. If you don’t get any replies, you may wish to switch to a different game engine, or lower the requirements.

For example, here’s a solution which costs a few thousand for a license, and works with more apt game engines like Ogre, Unity, and custom engines. You’d have to compile a custom version of Blender to integrate it, but it’s possible. It’s sort of close to what was in that video, but still a long ways away in realism. It does, however, support your dynamic ocean requirements, so it might be worth checking out if you have the money.

I’m actually busy experimenting to create a ocean shader through Blender to work on Unity, It’s more like faking the ocean simulator through baking the animation to texture maps, then applying it to a large low poly animated surface which is tessellated to give the extra detail, then cutting the the poly count from the GPU based on LOD distance, like how tesselation works on UDK. Hope this helps, unfortunately I don’t have an example to show, as it is still a work in progress and can not say how well it would perform in real-time.

We did originally go down the Unity + Triton route, sadly though, it doesn’t support Linux or Mac :frowning:

Thank you, I have contacted Martinish :slight_smile:

Would you be willing to share the shader under Creative Commons, Attribution 3.0, as part of the agreement?

There is already an ocean shader in the resources forum. Done by Martin Upitis.

Hi Steve,

Triton for Unity does support Mac now - you can grab a free trial at our website.

This guy has a pretty simple tutorial on making water in the blender game engine, similar methods could be applied to create different ocean settings, just have different textures, animations and normal maps and switch them out.

Watch my Ocean from inside ocean in HD