Looking for a Blender modeller for paid work

Hi! Im looking for an experieced Bleder modeller that is looking for some freelancing work. What I need is a cartoon style model (ready to be animated ie. with bones) of 1 person. I can provide all the photos you need in order to model this person. A for the price you guys give me a number and we negotiate from there. As for the style I was thinking of a simpsons style thing. With the yellow and everything. If you are interested leave a post here or send me an email at gabrieljoel (at) gmail.com

No one replied to this thread ?

I would be willing to model it for you

Hi im willing to give that a go for you :slight_smile:

Here’s a rigged toon-style character of mine for your consideration:

(Full disclosure: he did not originally have yellow skin. :eyebrowlift:)


If you think I may be able to meet your needs, let me know and we’ll talk prices.
>ericncaro AT gmail DOT com<

BTW: What kind of rig are you hoping for (basic, or one with advanced controls)?