Looking For A Blender Superstar For Logo Stings And More...

We need someone who can help us create one off animation templates using Blender.

These templates would be simple ‘logo stings’ allowing us to animate any logo.



These templates should be usable again and again, by just switching out the logos…

We also need outros creating too with text elements that can be changed and switched easily.

Sure, I could see a way of doing this but the real question is your budget, for a generic template there needs to be some work put in to make sure that the transition works smoothly for any logo, regardless of color combinations, abstract shapes etc.

The fracture one (first one) is the trickier of the two shown, it seems to change the path significantly based on shape of the logo; I have an idea how to solve this though.

Anyway, I do apologize but I don’t have any relevant portfolio work for work in this field; although I have a reasonable confidence that I could make some logo stings for you, given that the price is right. (which, while somewhat rude, is ultimately what it boils down to)


Those examples are just showing the type of thing we are looking for. We already have a couple of Blender animators making them for us, and have full tech specs on how they need to be created. We are looking to add to this team with more talented animators. If you want to PM me with any work examples, I can then provide the tech details of what we need.

Also, to be a little clearer.

We are not necessarily needing the “actual” logo to be animated. It is more of a logo animated reveal we need, but created in a way where the logo appears to be animated.

I’d be interested - here’s a video of my work (needs updating with more recent stuff but you’ll get the idea!) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_dTk0Z6QiM

sounds cool dude.It would be beneficial for logo lovers.

Hey Andy!

Just Pm’d you. :slight_smile: