Looking for a cartoon animator for an introductory splash screen

Hi, I have a wacky/fun request here. Bear with me! I was looking for someone who is skilled in cartoon animation and is able to create a goofy intro for our games. The idea comes from our developer’s production, “Plump Skunk.” The animation consists of merely 10 seconds if even that, and would be a fat skunk with chubby cheeks that is as round as a circle with bug-eyes that are going different directions. The skunk would roll into the frame with its paws kicking until it lands on all fours while giving off a ridiculous laugh and showing only one tooth. It would conclude with it spraying, and as the ‘gas’ dissipates, the name “Plump Skunk” will appear for the logo - while the skunk is maintaining a goofy grin with only one tooth. All SFX can be given! Thanks!

The best way to contact me if you are interested is through the email below! I look forward to your responses and collaborating.

Email: [email protected]