Looking For A Character 3D Modeller For Short-Film

Hi there, I’m looking for someone to 3D model one character for my upcoming short-film, I also would like you to Texture and Rig it. The type of character style/quality i’m looking for is something similar to the quality/style of “Pokemon Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution” (I cant give image because I am a new user, sorry)

The person that you will be modelling is him I have more images if needed please combine his style and the style above…

Your name will be featured in the short-film if you accept, my apologies if I missed any details, if you have any questions please comment them below, or email me. at. [email protected]

Hello sir,
I would be glad to help you.

Please reach me out at Skype live:luis_18439 or Email: [email protected] so that we can discuss this further.

Luis V.

thank you so much for responding, I’ve just emailed you.