Looking for a character animation course

I am looking for recommandations on character animations courses on Blender. I am currently following the course “Ultimate Blender 3D Character Creation & Animation Course” but I am looking for something more in depth on the animation workflow, explanations on the different views and so one, not just following what the teacher says without always the explanation of the why. It is just my personal expectations obviously.

I followed the character creation from grant Abbitt which was really great but more focused on the sculpting (This teacher is a one of my top teacher as Darrin lile, Blenderfuru, and josh gambrell are in their own domain).

So if any one has a suggestion to a course (free or not), ideally with Blender 2.8 or higher as I started my Blender experience with this version, this would be very appreciated.

I think the cgcookie animation bootcamp by Wayne Dickson is great value for money. Yes its subscription based but its cheap for what you get in this case and if you really want to you can download all the video’s so you just pay for one month. I would suggest just getting a membership and following the course, getting feedback and quit when your done (unless you like to stay obviously).

Wayne usually gives great feedback on the exercises you do as well. (although understand its not like ianimate or animation mentor where you have live sessions; feedback is given just because he is a really generous bloke).

He will start you with the bouncing ball and trust me, you want that. There are also tons and tons of little workflow tips in there.

I honestly don’t remember what blender version it was in but you should be fine.

Hello @3dioot,

Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated. I indeed found the CG cookie animation bootcamp when looking on the net but it was recored with the 2.79 version which seems so different from the 2.8. But I might give it a go based on your feedback, there are other courses which look great as well so probably worth the money anyway.
I’ll put my feedback as well in this post for others who might have looked for similar course.
thanks again!

Hi there!
I suggest looking into some of the things on agora.community and Sir Wade Neistadt on YouTube. There is a lot of great animation tutorials and walkthroughs there. They mainly work in maya but the principle is still the same for blender if you have the basics of blender down. Also you could check out this channel as well, although they too also work in maya but it’s more of the principle that they are teaching you.

If you want to go all out and pay about 10$ a month I strongly suggest checking out the blender cloud. You can have access to all the Blender Foundations recent projects and tutorials all meant for blender.:blush:
Hope these could help ya.

Thank you @kaylee_J,

I didn’t spot this one as I’m always looking for Blender stuff. I had quick overview of the list videos and sounds interesting, and I’ll like what the lady says in introduction of one of her videos “It is useless to show you things that you don’t understand and can just reproduce, you need to understand to make it your own” (or something similar) --> Exactly what I intend from a tutorial :slight_smile:

Regarding to the Blender Cloud, I was not sure of what I could find, might give it a go, especially because it can help a little the guys who are developing such a very nice program!

Thanks for your feedback, appreciate it !