Looking for a Character Animator

My name is Dušan Kastelic. I’m an animator, director and an owner of a studio called Bugbrain Institute.

For more than a year, me and my small team are working on a short animated film called “The Plant”. We have already finished all the models, textures, rigging etc… Now we are working on character animation, which is also about 1/3 finished. For the next 2/3 we need your help…

A couple of days back we got some additional money from Slovenian National TV and decided to spend that money in the best possible way- to hire a good animator. So yes- we have a budget and will pay for your work!

The job will take next couple of months (by the schedule, the film should be finished by the end of July 2016).
You will work a couple of hours a day from your home.

The animator should be experienced, with a good knowledge of of Blender’s animation tools. The experience with crowd animation will be a plus!

This is a website dedicated to the film:
The site is not finished yet, but you can get a general picture about the film. (I just re-read the webpage and I really hope you won’t get a misconception about the movie. At the first glance it maybe looks like a dark, heavy and artsy-fartsy movie but it will actually be quite funny with good story and strong message (I hope :-))

Here are 2 finished sequences, where you could see the visual and animation style:

If you are interested, please send us your CV and your demo reel.
Also please send us your expectations about payment (per minute of finished animation).
Other things we will discuss directly.

Thank you in advance.
If you have any question I will be happy to answer.