Looking for a character artist to create cartoon/anime rabbit character

What to expect from the request.

-One character model of a cartoon/anime-like rabbit girl.
-Work will be cel-shaded, so there will be no texturing needed.
-A fully rigged character model crafted to meet certain requirements.*
-Model will be high-poly.
-The ability to work with us, take very specific instructions, yet, still be able to work with your own creativity, independently.

*If you are unable to rig characters, we’re still interested in working with you, we can always find another volunteer, specifically meant to rig the completed characters.

I’m looking for a talented 3d character artist who is efficient in creating cartoon characters. Comparable to Sonic the Hedgehog. The style is mixed between cartoon and Japanese anime stylized characters, and will be rendered in the final project in an already completed Arc System Works-esque cel shading renderer.

My underlings and I are in the middle stages of creating a commercial video game title that will be released on mobile devices and steam/PC. We’re to the point of needing the main character created, as we already have sufficient concept art and environments created for the game, as well as music production currently underway.

We’re doing the work ourselves and are essentially volunteering for the project, and we need a character creator. However, if things were to go well with this first character—looking at it as an introduction to how well we could all work together—we would be extremely interested in hiring the volunteer for paid work for more characters afterward, which would be work that would pay you several thousands of dollars afterward. Either that, or if you sign up as a volunteer permanently, you would instead be added to the pool of volunteers who will be receiving an even percentage of the video games lifetime profits.

I won’t be posting images directly on the website, as everything related to the project is currently top secret, and we only wish to share our material with any prospective artists that are interested.

If you are interested in this project, please contact me, and you will be provided with my email address, a secondary email address for the whole team, my contact phone number, and you will be given concept artwork and specific instructions on what will need to be done for the character project.

Thank you to any interested character artists who have taken time to read this request. I look forward to hearing from you, and the team is prepared to welcome you aboard the project.

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