Looking for a coder and texture artist to team up with

think Metroid and Fallout had a baby… and it did steroids while learning Kung-Fu from Jesus… and that is a good description…

I am a modeler / armature coder , I am looking to make a game, but need someone for guidance, as well as coding, and someone for texture collection/generation
what I have…

A story,
a time-frame, post-apocalyptic future, think +200 years with -200 years understanding in general populace.
think giant ruins of machines, some understood, some unknown,
A concept to include untried game dynamics,
The ability to model fast and to scale,
A life and family,
An unreasonable timescale,
Concepts I would like to demonstrate including propulsion systems,
reactors and armor systems as well as cultural ideas like sustainability and teamwork,
the ability to work as a team and share ideas,

The game will be for 12-30 people on a massive map,
more details for serious contributors,


I started on a little space quest (“sorry for breaking title patent”), reemprovised for the 21st century. I loved the first one man, although Now I am thinking of the limitless quantum state of ideas, and so I have settled to allow for a free flowing stateless nature to it, but I haven’t a clue as to how to program causality so I will just post the crap I made on my website. http://sites.google.com/site/abstractind

I have an idea of story, setting, some of the characters , and most of the enemies,
I have an idea of the scope of the map, and the way it will be built,

Story= Society Degrades to the point where machines with AI take care of everything to do with maintaining there world, as well as how they live, the machines AI’s all disappear in one instant, and since the world has become so complicated by the machines, fixing or even understanding the machines is almost impossible, and so the world once again fell into darkness and tribal war, with amazing potential everywhere, and no ability to use it… until now.

What game engine are you using?

Bge to start, but I was thinking havoc or unreal, you interested?

I have read about unreal4, Myself, i use unity right now. and i have a 3-4 year experience of bge. I would agree with another game engine because bge isn’t good at handling big environments.


Added 2 enemy types, still need to do pathfinding and AI work, but there here in concept at least

Worked on in game animation scheme, Looked into having monster help with AI, I still need alot of help with building Parts that add up to inventions that the player makes,

Here is your world interface/friend

Here is Our main Characters replacement arm,
he lost the original in a boiler explosion when he was 7, and his dad…

Update, Space station Onimecha, home of the liberated intelligence movement, and both a curse and a blessing…

here is a shot of a tile
and here is a vehicle that is still needs work

this is an early concept demo for the walk march thingus

Broken ties, the bitter wind, hidden lies, a secret sin, a valiant try we could not win,I guess we must start it over again…

We have pulled the plug, pulled the trigger, humans rot from there own lack of vigor, lost the will, lost the fight! Take there genes and set them right!

No competition with no refinement, no useful dna re-alignment, stagnation, waste a tragic mess, we start again and wish success…

and the lights went out…

Test build to make pieces that level is made of.

Here is an effect I am working on for the intro

Main Character, Dusty, Ninjan-neer, tactician and hacker,

Here is a Enemy AI for my game I am working on, I need some help,
I have another thread here somewhere…


EyeBoted.blend (471 KB)

Make the whole entity a 1 solid piece without parents. And use armatures for the blade animation. and if you want the eye to follow the player more precisely, you could use realtime bone tracking or just separate the eye and make the tracking delay slower.

Here is a update for the Lead, still need to rig right arm and body, but the geometry is finally good on this try, took me a couple of builds to figure out where rings etc need to be, again though, help me make a game that kicks all other games in the taint, and I mean hard…

I still need to put together a team, I need an coder, who can set up objects that attach to each other with rigid body, and break attachment when sent a message, as well as have animation or effect other objects, these objects will make up most of the level, accept for an outer boundary for OpenGL,

I also need someone who is good at baking down textures and some help refining my polycount, but I may have this down soon anyway, as I have been reworking my characters,

PM me or post on the thread,