Looking for a cool title !

Hi there !

I would like to show you one of my latest work. I started it this summer and I would like to finish it before the end of the month. That’s why I am requesting your precious critics / comments / feedback ! :slight_smile:

Thanks !

Ho, and I am also looking for a title. Any ideas ?

Dude slow down! If you keep on posting at this rate I will never get to sleep. Honestly, This shouldn’t be posted in focused critique. It should be posted in the final renders area and perhaps the gallery? About the name I have nothing, sorry.

Very nice indeed.

I offer two points to consider. First, to me the lanterns in the foreground are distracting, and they look a bit like red hot tin cans. If you’re going to leave them in, I would consider trying to make them more translucent and more of a soft yellow-white colour. The orange stands out a bit too much.

Second, even though this obviously isn’t earth, the reeds/grass in the water seem a bit too big. Some look like they’d be about as wide as someones arm. I would suggest making them thinner. Also they appear to be growing through the boats.

As for a title, I have no idea. It looks like there is a larger story behind this and perhaps there is something in that you could choose from? Without knowing that story, anything I can think of sounds to Earthly to be fitting.

:eek: Unreal! I demand some wireframe and some technical details. Which renderer, for example… It’s too fantastic to be true. :wink:

As for the name, it definitively should sound Chinese, with a subtitle like “Land of the Giants” or something.

And yeah! Directly to the gallery! (Once you’ve proven it’s not photoshopped…) :smiley:

Many thanks for your comments !

Nivos: thank you ! Before posting it under finished works, I want to polish it a further as possible, and I still have 1 or 2 weekends before deadline (self imposed).

Storrboy: Good point. I also think that the lanterns are not in the color codes of the rest of the picture. As you suggest, I will try to desaturate them a little bit, maybe remove 1 or 2…
Why not earth ? maybe a different era ? The story behind this picture was: To protect itself against human race, the nature had to adapt and transform. New species appeared. Bigger, taller, stronger. Major cities where destroyed by the unexpected fast growth of giant aquatic trees (The rising of the oceans level forced them to be aquatic). Roles are now inversed: nature rule the world, and humans, back to a more primitive lifestyle, are now on their decline… Something like that :wink:
About the grass, I don’t really like the shape. Maybe I’ll try to make them more looking like nenuphars.

Kaluura: I just rendered a wireframe

It was rendered using BI, because I encountered some difficulties to find a good light setup in cycles. IMO it is not enough user friendly to control basic options for lamps or emissive objects in cycles, like: shadow color/opacity, far/near attenuation, decay, include/exclude objects. Plus, small points of light in big scene tends to render very noisy. For this project, BI was the best. I tried to use cycles at some point, but without success.
1.1mio tris | final image size: 5760px * 3483px | precomposed in blender (the mist) | finished in photoshop (god rays, bloom, vignetting)

Wow this is a pretty amazing geometry density. :>
The render looks fine but those lamps in the foreground are bugging me for some reasons. Maybe because are too orange (it should be more yellow I think) but its not big deal. Maybe its just my eye. xD
The background is excellent though (I love that you added tinny details like the birds). It somehow minds me of a muddy version of Avatar.
Great work overall and great details. :slight_smile:

Edit: Sorry, I noticed the comments above. Sorry for repeating. :slight_smile:

You have to play with the contrast and the saturation to me (on my screen for sure…). Just call it Cavern city.:wink:

I tried to change the overall color a little bit to bring more blue
Not sure if it’s better or no.

Damien: can you be more precise ? Is it too much saturated or contrasted ?

You need to play whith the levels and colors… Can’t be more precise. it’s just a feeling

Seriously nice work, the only thing lacking for me are where are the inhabitants ? Lanterns are lit and so are some building interiors,
but no other sign of life. Showing just a few people or what ever lives here would take this over the top for me :slight_smile:

Totally love this piece :slight_smile: Grand project.

This is the last WIP version. I’ll move it to the finished works section unless you noticed something important I should change or modify.

How about Siltastrom?

with a little tongue roll in the middle, like the way the elves speak in Lotr?(lord of the rings)


It doen not really mean anything, it just seemed to fit,
like a the name of a elf city in DnD

amazing quality,

Add in a little depth to the water close to the camera?
(like have the shot extend to the camera mans feet)

a few birds or equivalent?

Great job.

I’d call it: “Home”

I like the idea.
I was thinking of something more like “Exiled”, or “Mangrove Village”

Based on your suggestion, I am now playing with elvish name generator that I can find on the web.

It keeps it simple; for me, such a complex artwork, needs an appropriately simple name.

And from looking at it, those that live there are very determined, and likely very proud, of their home.

“Home” is simple and clear. It lets the audience imagining a whole story behind it.
So far, it’s the name that matches the best the picture.