Looking for a dedicated sculptor

Hello everyone,

I’m currently looking for someone to sculpt a detailed version of my humanoid character. I created it for a Unity game and recently tried creating a high-detail version myself (for baking normalmaps). But after one weekend of struggling with different sculpting techniques I figured that I’m not made to be a skilled sculptor and now I’m looking for someone to take this burden of my shoulders so I can continue with my other tasks (e.g. weightpainting, animating and texturing). Any help provided will be gladly appreciated.

If you’re interested just leave me a comment or note and I’ll get back to you.

Have a nice day
- Neovertex / Alex

I would recommend you trying Sculptris if you haven’t already, its an amazing easy to learn sculpting program which is free and not more than 20 MB of a download and when I say easy, I mean it’l take u a day or 2 to start using effectively and not more than a month (or less) to fully master. Only downside I heard, which i don’t understand myself (read this online) is that its use of triangles instead of quadraturals (like other modeling programs do) which makes it difficult for animation…but I could be wrong.