Looking for a experienced Rigger

#solved I’m a Animator looking for a talented Rigger who knows how to work with physics, like Jiggle, Cloth, and Collision based physics etc. I do NSFW animations. So you will need some experience with NSFW details. Models that I use sometimes need the rig fixed. Since I mainly work with animations I would like to pay a Rigger to fix any issues with the model that I may run into while animating them. Makes my job alot easier lol when its time to animate. I will pay for every model that needs fixing. All payments will be provided through paypal.

  • Serious job seekers only, please. I have hired many riggers from here who lack experience with doing proper rigs, weight painting and physics. I dont mind paying as long as i get what i needed done. It sucks doing the last part of a animation just for certain parts of the rig to be unstable, because then you have to start all over again*

Blenders Users Only Please, thats the only software I use to animate :slight_smile:

Please provide a portfolio of your work

Contact me via email: [email protected]

Looks like you need a rigger instead of a modeler