looking for a few good gents (or ladies ;) )

Hey, we are looking for a few good artits to do cuts cenes for dracolith .

Aswell, our lead artist hanzo is on a break at the moment we also need a realtime character modeler. If you can also do textures and uv mapping the better, not required though.

If anyone is interested please send me a note, or respond here, also include some of your work. We are looking for specialists, jack-of-all trades need not apply.

Thanks for your time

Just to clarify, we’re looking for someone to do the cutscene(s) at present. We don’t have anything specific for a realtime modeler/texturer to do for now, but we will in the future.

I’d like to do some char art… I love the looks of the project and it’d be fun to continue to do broader styles.

I created this from a concept by Rusalka Clarke, for a game project currently in its infancy. It is currently unfinished, I’m moving on to detail the body and then work on animating it. I have completed other game models, but the only other one I’m comfortable showing has no texture right now (for Crystal Core).

faces < 2000 triangles
tex map 1024x1024
Blender + Gimp

Or not.