looking for a free Capture the Flag game

I have been searching the 'net for awhile looking for a good, multiplayer (over the internet), non-violent (no guns, so not a FPS), 3D Capture the Flag game. Could someone help me find one. I’ve searched google countless times (yes, I’ve searched for a different thing every time) to no avail. If someone could point me in a good direction your help would be greatly appreciated. I tried BZFlag, but that isn’t what I’m looking for. There are guns in that game, and, I know beggers can’t be choosers, but I want something with better graphics. If nobody has found one, but people want one, maybe we (this elYsiun community) should set up a project to to make this game.

P. S. I was also looking for capture the flag, DEFCON style, and found Mega Root Fu, but can’t find a website other than news sites explaining it. I know it is already over, but maybe there will be another one. The Capture the Flag I’m talking about above is 3D like what you would play at someone’s house, outside.

How on earth do you play CTF without weapons of some kind? :o

Also, check out Gamehippo. In particular their Action-game section.

I take it you’ve never played it as a kid, in the forest?

I reccomend:


I remember playing it way back when I was on Windows 3.1, and it still is pretty fun.

I was going to recommend the Unreal Tournament 2004 demo. The only part where it is lacking is that there are guns there too.

What I don’t get is how you would stop someone if they had your flag without guns. Just run into them? If all the characters run at the same speed, it could get very boring and if they don’t, it would be either too easy if you were the fast guy or too difficult if you were the slow one.

I take it you’ve never played it as a kid, in the forest?

Nope. All we played was “king of the hill” in winter. That was fun…

Never played a CTF game without guns.

My favourite CTF game has to be Soldier oF Fortune 2 Double Helix. One of the best multiplayer games out there. But it has guns.

You should try out the game I linked to. It’s a strategy game, not an action one… and not real-time strategy, either! I think it’s perfect for what the thread starter was looking for.

That game would be pretty good, except I don’t like the turn based system that it follows. I would like to have many players on the internet connect to a server anc everyone just runs around, hides behind bushes etc., and I would also like the game in 3D. I’m not saying I didn’t like that capture the flag game. I did, just not as much as a 3d version without the turn based system. We might even try to make this game!

Capture The Flag is a great game in real life. And it works in FPS games. But I voted no because I don’t see it working as a computer game without guns.

My personal favorite is the paintball version - real life capture the flag WITH GUNS! :stuck_out_tongue:

Keith. 8)

We play it in real life with paintball guns, so it’s guns all the way for me :stuck_out_tongue: Try playing it after it snows 2 feet wearing artic sniper camo. Dang that’s fun. :smiley:

As for games, my favorite is Halo 2. but that has lots of guns. (could play with the sword?)

How about Soldat? It’s pretty much free and has Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Team Capture The Flag, Rambo, and some other modes. The graphics aren’t 3D though but its still a really fun game to play.

soldat is my choice (win only sorry afaik) www.soldat.prv.pl


While this wouldnt fit all of the requirements, you might talk to the developers of the dodgeball mod for source. A capture the flag mode would be sweet…

wow, didnt know so many people here played soldat :o

only THE best game ever.

There is a playing option, thoug still has guns, its called rs (realistic servival)
You view is blocked by objects, so sound is key, also there is “realistic” damage from guns, fall damage, etc.

(i play rs, sn “a pro with a knife”)

Yeah, i dont think that ctf without guns is possible.

ctf without guns: halma board game :]


Whatever happened to just running around in the woods with your friends? Man, those were the days… %|