Looking for a Freelancer to create an Addon that will generate a list objects that collide together


I am looking for a Freelancer to create an addon that will run a search of all objects, and display a list of objects that are colliding together.

The addon must display a list of object with the names, and must have options list for what type of objects to look for

For example:
Look for curve’s that crash together
Look for Mesh that crash together
Look for STL’s that crash together

  1. Must be an addon without any bugs, and that I can run in object and edit mode

  2. Preferably the addon will be a pop up box that gets activated by a press of a button from the UI menu or by calling it with the space bar action

  3. The deadline is ASAP

  4. The budget is $30 but I can negotiate if the job is harder then it is

if you are interested please contact me here or by email at [email protected]

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