Looking for a full 3D game ready character workflow course

Hey guys,

I’m looking for a course (pref. a paid course since I feel free courses on YT do miss a lot of the full workflow) for a full 3D Character worklflow but the Software the course can use is limited.
I would be very grateful if any of you could recommend me a really good one =)

Softwares I use and own: Blender, Substance Painter (2022), maybe TopoGun (but would pref Blender for Retopology, using Retopoflow 3 as plugin), Photoshop

The course workflow should have this:

  • Sculpting with Blender (no thx to Zbrush and no thx to modeling characters)
  • Retopology in Blender or maybe TopoGun
  • UVs and baking normals (especially this, I REALLY want to master how to bake high detailed models so my characters can look good and still be performant) using Substance Painter & Blender
  • texturing in Substance Painter
  • rigging and weight painting in Blender
    → The course don’t need to have any game engines involved (incase a course uses a game engine, I personally don’t care if its Unreal or Unity, since I use both of them)

Since no one was helpful at all I found something very close to what I was looking for.

So if YOU, random google person from the future, were also looking for a full character pipeline with Blender and Substance Painter and somehow ended in this thread, I got ya:

In the professsional realm, at a bare minimum you use Zbrush.
Somewhat sadly, no one would even bother to hire a character creator who doesn’t know how to use Zbrush.

Needless to say that with regard to courses, all the good ones are probably going to be using zbrush for modeling the body, and to produce high Def textures.

I would suggest looking for separate courses on each aspect.

You can literally write books on just weight painting properly, or rigging, or modeling, or retopologizing properly, or texturing…

Check out FlippedNormals on youtube. They have both blender and zbrush stuff. They also offer courses that are usually decent, even for mid level knowledge people.

Last thing I can suggest, also happens to be the last piece of character creating I just bashed my head against. Download apple AR kit’s face fbx. Look at all of the 52 shape keys. Rig a face with rigify and get it to move the same way. This will allows you with research to create the shape keys needed for face capture animation data.