Looking for a fulltime freelance modeler/animator

for supporting graphics in a game project.
You’ll find the project at http://www.factorio.com - It is in alpha stage.
We’re using very small and detailed pre-rendered models spritesheets for a 2D game, so low poly is not the case.

If you’re interested
you’d have to know in advance how to:

* Be part of a team.
* Share knowledge and source files.
* Addapt your style to concrete guidelines.
* Build models from sketches, concept illustrations, reference pictures, etc.
* Be good on modeling, unwrapping and texturing (bump - normal - displacement mapping, etc.), nodes, materials, rigging, animation, lighting, rendering-Cycles, -photoshop/gimp, etc.
* be reasonably fast.
* be professional.

Even better if you
* are good at drawing.
* have sense of aesthetics.
* know what is a sprite, a spritesheet a tile, a tileset, etc.

If you want to apply for the job send your portfolio’s link to [email protected]
In case you don’t have any, send some sample of your previous works.

Thanks for the interest!

Albert Bertolín / Factorio