Looking for a game design partner (starting small) 3D

I know many people scope huge and don’t end up finishing.
I’d like to connect with someone else who is into 3D games, to try and collaborate on some game sketches.

I have very basic modeling / texturing / baking skills, and a little familiarity with the Unreal and Unity engines. Would be great to find someone on the animation or programming side of things, but I’m down to collaborate with anybody who’s interested regardless of skills.

I’d like to sustain it for a while and see what we come up with.

Would be great to chat on Skype or in an online game.
Send me a PM or reply to this?

p.s game’s I’ve enjoyed vary from PUBG to Rocket League, and I’m open to anything.


To respond. Well… Hi

     ((( my person answered this to go beyond creating a   
   profile and looking at many images of style and

but where to start developing my own. { is a clueless endeavor; on my own. }

    I may not be what u r looking for. But connectivity 
   does not start and begin in one place. )))

Would be great to talk and brainstorm!
I’ll send you a PM with my contact info.

Start with a game design document. I’m sure everyone on this website wants to make a game. What all of us are looking for though is a game design document that specifically states each feature down to how many characters there are and what they look like. That way people can pick and choose what they’re good at and want to work on

Hey thanks for the reply.
While I’m sure many would appreciate a GDD, I’m looking for more open ended collaboration.

I think a lot of interesting things come out of play and experimentation, and that’s what I’m hoping to find someone to for. I’ll definitely try and draft a document for my own mental organization though – thanks for the suggestion.

If you need some general help I’d be down to offer it. I can give some good assets or monster designs if you need them.
I’m up for giving any kind of help that you need, so just ask.


I’m working on a game.

I have found some Unreal and Unity animation packs, contact me if you want to help me to port them in my game