looking for a game design team

[ATTACH=CONFIG]146313[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]146312[/ATTACH][QUOTE][ATTACH=CONFIG]146314[/ATTACH]I am looking for a Design team for this project
heads of project
Terrain Design head=Wes
Art design head=Ahren Koch
programing head=Seth
Story Writer Samratov
Wes need
programmer 1
3d modeler 1
I make the terrian just need some one to fix them up and
Finalize it. Will need unity is free.
also i use 3ds max unity and photo shop


Author Wesley Moore


Destiny is a game where the player will chose his or her fate.When the game first starts you are given a chose on your race, class, and perk. your class will decide your story there are 5 starting classes. your decisions will affect the world of Tamraca and its people. Your story will shape your character. When you have kids or get married it will add to your family history. when you die it is not the end you will be given a choice depending on weather you were good or evil. If evil your choice is try and escape hell or be reborn as one of your kids or create a whole new character. same if your good just dont half to escape hell your given the choice for free to go back to your own body. This is an Rpg,Adventure,stradigy game. it can be played in first or third person.

  • Story and Quest depending on class choice a,c,d,f,g,j note refer to class doc
  • Random quest gen for mini quest will never end even after main story finished
  • One player
  • 3d graphics
  • pc,360,ps3
  • two different game modes Realism and old style Rpg Note for realsim this means no health bar you will have every day needs ie sleep,eat,drink,use the bathroom, will bleed if cut bad and your health is your body

Please send me your email if interested so i can add you to the shared list on google doc please show me some of your work


Please only reply if serious
Terrians are in alpha


We especially need an organic modeler and preferably a rigger.

Sure i have experience moddeling over a year. How much i get paid, or do i get a cut of the profit? And what do i have to do