Looking for a game developing team.


This is my first (and not last) post here on these forums so here is a little intro and by the way I know that this section isn’t really for this but I couldn’t decide any other so I picked this one.
I’m an old gamer (i mean i play games from my youth, im 16) and I played so many games and all I can say is that games are pretty much all the same in these days. So what I want now and what I wished for a long time is to create a game that people will enjoy.
Don’t worry i’m not one of these ‘‘Ah let’s create a game over night’’ ,no because I understand how the games are made and i’m not a brainless kiddo so this is serious.
Game will be made in Unity3D engine and it will be an MMORPG.

Now here is what kind of people I need:
-3D Modeller
-Sound & Music developer

It would be good if some any of these is experienced because I started doing 3D modelling and it’s going good and i’m willing to learn more.
Please send me a PM if you are interested and for chatting you can add me on Xfire- pkaybe ,Raptr- P-Cay ,AIM- toneyhoop , or send me a mail [email protected] .

And I decided to join these forums because I think that here are a lot of talented and smart people. And yeah, for all who are asking is this going to be paid job answer is NO, I will tell you what im planning and if you don’t like it just leave, but if you get interested you will not need any money for it at all because it’s gonna be interesting to be a part of that project.


Well since there are TONS of games which just copy each other it wasn’t so hard to find an unique theme for a game which will be interesting both in setting and gameplay point of view.
For me it’s really stupid to create a game where players just go and kill each other with no reason.(i know its fun…) So I decided to make a reason why would you kill other player or an NPC, the answer is ‘to survive’ .And when did people fight to survive? In stone age. So that is my game theme, Stone age. About the gameplay I wanted it to be more skill based and not with the skillbar (smt like Oblivion) without leveling system and spells. Whats the point of making a leveling system if a bear is level 1 and turtle is 10 so turtle is stronger than bear…no thats wrong for me. There will be some main perks like strenght,sneaking…exc which automatically raise as you use them. For example you work in a cave and pick stone there for your hut or wall so you get stronger by doing that…exc
Also there would be tribes instead of guilds so people can really experience and learn something for the game for exaple how humans collected roots for their food…exc

So that would be a VERY rough description of my idea.
Now i will probably create a pdf file with everything nice and organized but that will take some time.

Thanks and i hope someone find this idea interesting.

I’ll go ahead and respond before some of the older members tear you apart-

First off, none of the members of this forum like it when people come on asking for help with their game/movie without showing an EXTENSIVE amount of content / written ideas in the first post. The best way to get momentum for this project is, rather than having people pm you for info, put as much about this mmorpg up as you possibly can. People want to see what they’re getting into or they’ll never bother asking. You need to tell them about your vision - how the game will play - what’s the story - and post all the concept art you have up (I assume you’ve done the concept art since I see no mention of it under the people you will need)

Second, the mmo/rpg is the hardest game to attempt to make. Not because of programming or how it will play, though that will become a factor, but rather the sheer amount of content you need to make it interesting. Unless you’ve already got everything written out in exacting detail about how you plan the game to play (from title menu to what your inventory looks like, how your hp/mp/ap is displayed, if displayed at all, How is currency handled, how is pvp handled, what interactions will players have with eachother, how will you handle servers/server upkeep, how is combat handled, this list is no where near exhaustive) then I would A: write out a game design document, or B: choose an easier game type to test the waters before diving in head first.

If you choose A: read this, study this and execute to perfection: http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/3384/the_anatomy_of_a_design_document_.php

If you choose B: do the same as you would for A, only focus on a less public genre. An RPG rather than MMO would be infinitely easier because you don’t have to worry about networking and servers. An FPS would be easier still, and maybe you could still achieve the story you wish to tell in that manner.

When you’re ready to show us just how dedicated you are to this, and how prepared you are, to the point where we’re pretty sure it won’t fail and it will be worth our time, then I garuntee you will find people willing to help. But until then, I wouldn’t be checking my pm inbox very frequently.

Thanks for the reply QS Dragon,

I know that people don’t like these ‘dry’ help requests about game developing and things like that. I would post all I got in my mind but it would be too long to read (for a forum), maybe I will create a text document with all in it so you can download it and read it in peace.
That all would be great if there weren’t those morons who will steal that document and maybe they will use it for their needs, that’s the main reason I wanted to tell about what I got in mind by PM.
Now I see that there is no point of posting an empty help request even if it wasn’t all about help (I thought that I can meet new friends if we do it together) if you know what im talking about.
I decided for it to be a MMORPG because the game wouldn’t function good as a single player one.

Thank you for this post Dragon, I will post some more info in the OP and write a pdf about my plan.

That all would be great if there weren’t those morons who will steal that document and maybe they will use it for their needs

I’ll say this for the one thousandth time: Nobody cares about your game ideas, and nobody will steal them. I;m not trying to be a jerk - everyone has a game idea. My mom has a game idea, I’m sure.

lol i knew i shouldnt write that but i dont really care will someone steal it or not, he cant make a game over night lol, its just stupid to write my whole idea on a forum, but i will get u some info which doesnt take so much time and some reasons why i think its interesting.

EDIT: And lol for the video :stuck_out_tongue:

So I have this great, original idea for a game, it’s call ston… umm… Rock Age. Yeah, thats it.

Is that supposed to be a flaming post or you are just goofin…
If you are flaming then please tell me if there already are any stone age themed mmorpg’s so I can check em out.
If you are goofin’ then go play guitar hero lol

The best relation to your idea would probably be Age of Conan

and concerning your idea, people will not be interested the majority of the time if they don’t have anything to look at. I mean you need a picture of a storyboard or an in-game progress shot, that will get people’s attention and that’s how they will tell if they want to help you. And like said before the more info the better, i hope this helped a bit :slight_smile:

Thanks GJAndres,

I currenly am playing AoE lol…as I said, Im working on a complete pdf file with some pic’s in it so I think that should be enough.

Wow guys, way to burst his bubble. If you don’t want to be a part of his project, then don’t post here. If you want to rant about your difficulty with breaking into the video game industry, don’t blow up his thread with your jaded attitudes. Seriously? Seriously. Pathetic guys.

T-Hoop, don’t let them rain on your parade. You make your game. Find some friends to help you. Start learning how to program or become a 3d artist. You are very young, and it will take a long time to learn everything that goes into making a game. Learn all you can, and then start to design your game. Gather your team, collaborate to come up with an original design, and become a true innovator. It’s a long road. Likely you will not be able to begin creating a game for a number of years, but don’t let that stop you.

Here are some free tools that will help you to begin creating games:
http://gamesalad.com/products (Mac)
Torchlight Editor (PC)
Unreal Development Kit (PC)

Watch tutorials, read game design books, look at going to game design/programming/art school, don’t lose your passion. Pour your heart into it.

yo ampace

I like what you said, but you were giving the impression of him not knowing what he was doing.
Just because he is young it does not mean he cannot model, animate, or program or any of that crap.
I know that he may be skilled despite his age because i am only 16 bro.

Usr UDK if you can and Blender for the assets. I’m 15 and in 3 months completed all of this so far:http://www.indiedb.com/games/surreal-system

Anything is possible if you believe it is and if you need any help I am open to it :slight_smile: Just ask and I’ll make you anything you want me to:)

i agree with staxxer anything is possible despite your age

First of all thanks for all these replies,

@ampace This is a really nice post man thank you. I know i’m young and I don’t wanna spend my whole youth in front of a computer because there are so many things except that which are healthier (i’m a basketball dunker) so I won’t be spending too much time doing this but I will do it in HQ mode if u know what i’m talking.
I am currently practicing in Blender because I really want to get familiar with it (it’s not that hard and results are breathtaking) so thanks for the links, I will try them. I haven’t said that this is gonna be some Earth stunning game, I just wanna see how it all goes and if we succeed then we will show world that it’s not that impossible to create a game. (take a look what these two friends have made HERE)
And of course I won’t stop doing this, flamers can say what they want.

@bigmanjoe Exactly, you just have to want to do it and thats it.(I know from my pers. story)

@bigmanjoe - You’re right. I shouldn’t have assumed. I did because he’s new to the forums and he didn’t provide any artwork or such. I envisioned him as new to it all, but that’s what happens when I ass-u-me.

@T-Hoop - Good for you man. Do the things that make you happy. If you spent all of your time in front of a computer learning the ins and outs of game development, you might go crazy. :slight_smile: Best of luck on your project.

I didn’t O.o lol but I have Ice Hockey as well so ya, it evens itself out whilst allowing me to stay in shape and do what I love… LA KINGS!!! X)

Yo T-HOOP don’t sit in front of a computer screen all the time just do it a little it is better that way any way i know i do other things.
and i am decent at blender.

I love track bro but not that good at basket ball.

@bigmanjoe Thanks exactly what im doin… go to datpiff.com for trax man. I don’t have nerves to sit whole day anyways :smiley:

The video is quite funny and I reckon there’s a lot of truth in it, but the statement that noone will steal ideas is a bit far-fetched, isn’t it? Of course, noone will steal an idea like “I want to create an MMORG which is set in the Stone Age”, but what if a super-creative mind has an idea to develop a game which is groundbreaking like - let’s say - Portal. If this super-creative mind spreads all ideas before having really started to bring these concepts to fruition and other clever minds get wind of them, then I’m quite sure that ideas are not as unworthy to steal as the statement implies…

Anyway, good luck, T-Hoop! :slight_smile: